Blues essential guide guitar lick rock scale soloing soloing technique

Sooner or later, all guitarists will undergo the feeling that they've "hit a wall" in regards to their lead guitar work. Whether it stems from a lack of knowledge, a lack of technique, or a lack of inspiration, the end result is the same. Everything you play sounds like something you've played before, and frustration quickly sets in. The following are some tips to help inspire guitarists who feel like their lead guitar playing has become stale. Probably the first thing you learned when you began playing lead guitar was the blues scale with the root on the sixth string.
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Jazz Blues Guitar Licks And Solos

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Real World Soloing - GuitarZoom - Online Guitar Lessons From Entry To Advance Level

Ron Schack — December 9, Great like always. The best instruction ever. Would love it if Steve would answer my questions once in a while. I know he gets a lot of Emails,but once in a while would be nice. Nun the less ,the best guitar teacher ever. Thanks for everything, Ron.
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How To Use Open Strings In Blues And Rock Guitar Solos To Create Unique Sounds

Learning to play jazz guitar means learning how to tackle the jazz blues form, jazz blues phrases and bringing that bluesy flavor to your improvisations over standard tunes as well. While you may be familiar with how to apply the blues scale and get a blues sound in your rock and blues solos, bringing out the bluesy side of jazz may seem a bit tougher. In this lesson, you will learn a couple of different ways to bring out a bluesy sound playing over dominant 7th chords. Each of these techniques can be applied to a variety of musical situations. Download Your Free eBook.
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After settling on a song, give it a couple of close listens preferably on headphones or a decent stereo , pick up a good transcription, then learn the rhythm parts, while analyzing the chord progressions and any distinctive rhythmical features. Also try listening carefully to the guitar tones, and be conservative with the amount of gain or overdrive when trying to copy these. Among other drawbacks, too much overdrive tends to hide your mistakes. Once you are able to play along with the original or a backing track if you can find one , try recording yourself, and pay close attention to the details, such as timing, and bending accuracy. Start learning how to play your favorite songs today in one of our FREE online music classes.
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